What we Teach

Our school focuses on teaching the traditional folk music of Ireland through three exciting programs

What We Teach

We teach Irish Youth Band, Gaelic Youth Chorus, and Private Instrument and Vocal lessons

  • Irish Youth Band – an ensemble of kids who play melody and harmony together.
  • Gaelic Youth Chorus – kids who sing traditional irish music harmonized for a chorus, as well as Sean Nós style solos
  • Private Lessons – We teach youths and adults  the folk instruments of Ireland. 

Why Play Irish Music

Why do so many kids and adults in North Texas love irish music, and make it a life long ambition?

Why Play Irish Music

Irish Music has so many things going for it. It is fun, great for families, and great for developing ear training.

  • Irish Music is great fun and can help your child develop a life long love of music.
  • Irish music is one of the few types of music where young kids, teenagers, adults, and grandparents all play together.
  • Irish music is largely taught by ear which can help all music students enhance their music skills.

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  • Affordable Tuition – Our program is geared towards families who homeschool or want to join a second ensemble.
  • Easy to Enroll – You can enroll online through this website. Just click enroll at the top of the screen.
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